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Monday, September 7, 2015

Chocolate Cake, Tuna Fish, and a BAPTISM!

hi, lovelies. :) how are you all? is north america still standing? all is well in south america!!

one of my tender mercies this week: i'd been having insane cravings for chocolate cake and tuna fish - okay it was a real problem (also grilled cheese and cookie dough, we won't go there). and guess who got cake AND tuna on tuesday? this girl!!!!! the lord is aware of his missionaries! i was so thankful.

so, we have this investigator, luz (16), who's incredible. when we asked her if she'd be baptized, she said "of course!!" and she came to church sunday, which is a big deal here!! i'll keep you posted on her, we just need her parents to sign a baptism form before she can progress.....

hmm i think it was thursday, we couldn't get a lesson bc everyone was either busy or not home. just not having the best morning, and we hadn't taught with a member all day. then out of nowhere, one of our ward members came up to us in the street and was like "let's go!" so she taught with us, and we were able to finally find people and start making our goals! 

if you know any latinas who are still working on their english, please ask them to say "refridgerator." you won't regret it and please report back to me. :) spanish phrase of the week that i found in my insanely weird dictionary: "peloton de los torpes" = "awkward squad." such a useful phrase, people.

i love you all! keep praying always, and remember the lord is aware of you! the plan he has for us is real, and i'm so happy i have the chance to get to know the doctrines of christ even more out here. :) you're never alone because you have the savior! lean on him! just do it - nike. :)

hermana wood

service with hermana angela, who's a member

the mall!

stake activity
(left to right: hermanas willes, jackson, snyder, arteaga, and mucha.
jackson is my sister leader)

our candlelit dinner cuz the electricity and water were out
in pucallpa for a day :)

so romantic, right?

Random Details (from this week's e-mails to family):
  • i'll be playing piano the second sunday in september! they also ask me to play when the pianist doesn't know a hymn. :)
  • we have a decent-sized dresser, but that's it!
  • i don't think we're allowed to eat guinea pig! :)
  • my companion's favorite food is rice!!! it's so funny. i don't eat rice tho, bc people gain like 20 pounds here. no joke.
  • it does not rain often! i've used my rain boots once. we never have thunder or lightning in pucallpa!
  • i use a bag the mission gave me; i left the brown messenger bag in iquitos, i'll use it when this one breaks!
  • not a lot of mosquitoes! even if i don't use repellent i'm fine.
  • straightener and curling iron are totally unnecessary.
  • also, this is a cup with bananas and granola and yogurt, and quite possibly one of the best things i've had in my mouth in over a month:

From Hermana Wood's dad: Is this your house? Based on the street name and two-story description you gave us, we narrowed it down to this one using Google Street View:

THAT'S IT!! our window is the one in the middle, and we enter the door on the right!

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