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Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy V-Day!!!

hey, everyone!! we made it to another monday - wooooot!! this week was really good!! i hope you all had a great week, too!

this was dinner last night - that's a ball of cooked bananas :)

so, one night it was raining, and as we were hurrying to our last appointment, we passed a teen sitting on the side of the road with his head in his arms. arteaga and i didn't even need to confirm with each other, we both went right up and said "hey, buenas noches!" we asked him if there were anything we could help him with. he said he was waiting for the rain to stop so he could walk home!! he'd been studying all that day and was exhausted. in our previous appointment, our investigators had loaned us two umbrellas (because we forgot ours), so we said to this boy (whose name is alexis) "let us walk with you - we have umbrellas!!" we walked about a block and half before he told us he lived REALLY far away. so, we said "here, just take three soles and get a motokar!!" we invited him to church, but we'll never know if he attended (because he lives far away). hopefully, though, we did some good in his life!! :)

also this week, we had an investigator (named diomedes) tell us that he can feel a new peace and union in his home since we've started visiting, and that he doesn't want that feeling to leave with us. i testified to him with all my heart that if he prayed and read the book of mormon, he would be able to always have that spirit in his home.

happy v-day!!!

for valentine's day, we made valentines for people in the ward!! but, they were on cutesy heart paper, so (obviously) we didn't give them to the elders. instead, we caught a cockroach and put it in a box and tied a bow on it and said "happy valentine's day - don't open this till you get home!!!" i don't think they appreciated it, because we found out later they had re-gifted it to our ward mission leader. who didn't appreciate it, either. :)

our ward mission leader's daughter

in my personal study this week, i killed 22 ants on my desk!!!! not okay!!! but, we can still feel the spirit every day, so i guess it's fine. i'm learning a ton here and can't believe i've already been out for 6-1/2 months. time flies!! as i was studying this week about alma and the sons of mosiah, i read that they were blessed because they "published peace." the word "publish" has reference to everything others can perceive - our words, actions, the way we dress and behave; so, all of those things should publish peace!! everything about us should shout from the rooftops the peace of the gospel! :)

this tried getting in under our door!

another random bug (for carson)

anyway, i love you all! have another great week everyone!! xoxoxoxo

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's youngest brother:
want to hear something funny? we have a recent convert named waldo, and we can NEVER find him in his house to teach him. but, we finally had a lesson and "found waldo!" that story was a lot more exciting in my head....okay, here's another one: a member named leny gave us crackers this week that are called "mini kraps," hahaha. and, the elders never stopped bugging me about it. they were like, "well, mini craps are better than huge craps." then, i accidentally left the wrapper in the chapel, and the elders said "you left a pile of crap in the chapel!!!" oy, elders. love you, goober!

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's dad:
Q: I'm glad you like the LifeStraw filtered water bottle we sent! Would you recommend that new missionaries coming to Perú bring a filtered water bottle?
A: the ccm gives you a filtered water bottle (which i used for the first 5 months of my mission), but no one else i know uses a filtered one!! i guess it's just personal preference. the water we have in our houses is always safe!

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