Hermana Wood's Missionary Adventures in the "Capital of the Peruvian Amazon"


Monday, August 17, 2015

Lima to Iquitos to Pucallpa: "First Week Down!"

i'm here, and i'm alive! i'm in the city pucallpa, my zone is centenario, my area is ucayali, and it's so confusing! our area is literally huge.

my companion is hermana mucha. she's 19 years old from lima, perú. which helps because in the streets people are like, oh you're peruana!!! (where i'm like, yeah utah.) she's really nice and has been helping me learn how to do all the stuff. she been out for 5 months, and i'm her 4th companion!! 

so, all we're doing right now is "opening the area." which means we have to get to know the area book and memorize all the streets before we can really start teaching. basically, we've just been walking. walking all day, all night. we teach very little, but we still share the gospel with whomever we can! we take moto taxis everywhere, and we invite all the drivers to come to church, so that's like 6 or 7 people a day. memorizing the streets is going to take like...months, idk.

hermana mucha does most of the talking, i'm trying to just follow along and jump in when i can. for example, in our very first lesson we were with a hermano named daniel, and i bore my testimony about the book of mormon. it was super cool; i felt the truthfulness of my words, and it made me excited to start this great work!!

getting up at 6:30am is easier than i thought. and i've gotten really good at 10-second power naps. not a joke, they actually work.

there are many, many, many spiders in our house. they mostly stay on the ceiling, so i'm okay with it. more okay with it than i thought i'd be. i don't know if hermana mucha will even let me kill them, because she wants them to eat the bugs? i was like, THEY ARE BUGS. and she wanted me to not kill this lizard on our wall "because they eat the bugs." (i was like, literally no way i'm living with a lizard.)

right now i'm in a program called "12 semanas" where i'm trained for 12 weeks to be a missionary. it means one extra hour of study during the day where i learn how to do what we're doing. 

this e-mail is so scattered, but really we haven't done a ton, yet. i'll likely have more stories next week. i love you all and your prayers help so much!

much love,
hermana wood

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