Hermana Wood's Missionary Adventures in the "Capital of the Peruvian Amazon"


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Peru MTC

HEY EVERYONE!!!!!! i'm so happy to be writing all of you!! i don't know how i'll have time to do it, because i literally have 30 e-mails from you all, savages.

i'm doing really well, like this is so great. staying super positive!! the moment i got on the plane i felt so protected and that everything would be okay. and the spanish has never come so easily, the gift of tongues is real. i've been able to communicate whatever i need to with whomever i need to. and it's been so fun to be with the latinos! but sometimes it's hard, because i flew in on a plane with a bunch of norte americanos and we all got close, and turns out they would have been my district if i had stayed in the 6-week program, so that would've been so fun!! but it's okay, i love the latinos. and my hermana [companion] is the SWEETEST thing ever, like seriously so nice. she's 24, from colombia, and like four feet shorter than me. but anyway, i'm still close with that group of nortes, they're so cute!!

because i'm with the latinos all the classes are in spanish, and the teachers don't really speak english, so if i'm confused....i'm confused. haha, but that usually doesn't happen, i catch enough of the words. my hermana [companion] and i have two mock investigators (i never understood that before i came to the CCM but it's a real thing), and in one of our lessons we were literally PERFECT. like best companionship ever, and i totally felt like okay i can do this. this spanish thing. because it would've been sooo much easier to do in english, but the spanish is possible.

i leave the MTC on monday, august 10th, so fam that's hopefully when they'll let me call you!! so excited and scared, but mostly excited. so happy i don't have to be here for 6 weeks....can't even imagine. love the short time. so it's cold and wet here. humid and chilly. so weird, but so glad i didn't bring a jacket, because when i tell people i'm going to iquitos, they're like IT'S SO HOT THERE.

food is good! keeping me healthy. i don't think i ate this many veggies at home even, i literally have a plate full of vegetables every day. and the weird soups and imitation hamburger? i don't know, it's all good, we like it! haven't come across anything i won't eat.

all in all, everything is so great! i love being a missionary and feeling the spirit all the time and always praying! homesickness is good, i miss everyone, but i know this is the place to be! i love you all so much!!!

hermana wood

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