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Monday, October 19, 2015

We Are Moving Forward!

hey, lovely people. i survived another week - nothing ate me! :)

so, we have some investigators! we're teaching a really young couple, rosa and andres (she's like 7 months pregnant!!), who are progressing pretty well! we gave them a libro de mormon (LDM) and asked them to read moroni 10 before our next visit. when we came back and looked in their book, they had read and marked moroni 10, and they said they'd also read the testimony of Joseph Smith! no one does that here - we were like, "WHAT? THANK YOU!" it made my day!!

we also taught our gringo, daniel, last week! he's actually going back to cali in two months, but we're teaching him. and he came to church for the second time on sunday!!! which is a big deal! our problem right now is no one will come to church. we haven't had investigators attend for two weeks now, and the week before it was like two people. my comp says it's because the ward is so "frio," but honestly idk if we're teaching the doctrine of sabbath day observance well enough. we're getting a lot of help from our district leader and sister leader (hermana jackson) - jackson actually sat in on our weekly planning session on thursday. the leaders' input has helped a lot, and we are moving forward! :)

these are all the sisters who live in our building. :)
mucha is on the left, and willes is training briggs (on the right).

also, we had the primary program in sacrament meeting this week, and they asked me to play a couple of songs (last minute). one of them was a mess, because they weren't used to the piano parts in between the singing; they also didn't sing the notes in the book, and they didn't know the timing. BUT HEY, it was cute. :) i also found out that i'd be performing a solo piece when a nine-year-old announced it at the pulpit! so, i played "come follow me," and it was so fun. :)

this is our room! all decorated for halloween. :)

my spooky night. :)

i love you all so much! until next week!!! :)

hermana wood

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