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Monday, October 26, 2015

Missionary Menus and Other "Supersized" Things

hey, everyone! :) i hope you all had a great week! this week, we had interviews with [our mission] president – my first one since being here! president's a very nice guy. he encouraged my companion and i to try to look for the good in each other and asked us to name something we like about the other. my companion apparently likes that i write in my journal every night. interviews were good!

i got a request from my dad to tell more about the food i eat, so see the attached pics! we eat very well! have you ever heard of "ecco?" it's this nestle drink, and i think it's toasted barley and caramel. so weird, but i think it's good for you??? maybe we're just lying to ourselves, ha.

lunch! ask me if i ate the rice. yes, i ate some. :)

me and my pensionista, isabel, in her little house! this room is all she's got.

her kitchen! in the same room.

the bananas, granola, and liquid yogurt will never ever get old. :)
but, the portion sizes are getting larger....

this is a basic dinner for us! hot chocolate, scrambled eggs, and bread.
so so good - i freaking love it!

the reasoning behind things here sometimes doesn't make sense. for instance, i found out this week from my companion that we have so many spiders in our house because "there's so much dust outside" - and that's the only explanation. also, whenever someone's sick or has a headache, it's because "it either rained, or it's going to rain." haha, i'm slowly figuring things out. ;)

this cambio [transfer] ends next week! i have learned so so so so much. i think this cambio was meant to teach me how to really love people and also how to communicate openly. it had little to do with numbers, baptizing, etc. (because none of our investigators seem to be progressing right now); this cambio has been about loving my companion and has taught me who i'm going to be for the rest of my mission. i feel so blessed to have struggled - how else would i grow? i'd do it over again, but i am very, very glad it's ending.

also, we cleaned our house and killed EVERY SINGLE SPIDER. all the webs were gone - everything, but the spiders were back after one day! and i swear they're supersized, like 234Xs bigger than the last ones! probably need to start naming them.

this week, we watched a cool conference broadcast from salt lake city to stakes in bolivia and perú. elder neil l. anderson spoke in spanish!! that part was hilarious (because he pronounces his r's like a frenchman and the rest like a gringo), but i absolutely loved the message!!!

i love you all and hope you're all doing amazing. :) you wouldn't believe how often i think of you and pray for you! stay strong, everyone! :)

hermana wood

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