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Monday, November 2, 2015

It Felt Good to Be Bold

hi, everyone. :) i hit my three-month mark last week!! SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED - i cannot write one-hundredth part of the proceedings of this people. but i'll try - here we go:

a shot in our area :)

she got a candid!!!! ahaha

we had a work visit this week! that means my sister leader, hermana jackson, came to my area for a day and a night. so i got to "direct my area," and it was terrifying!! it actually showed me how much i know, because there were two hours when we went out to teach on a whim, and we didn't have a schedule for it, so i had to find random investigators and make up a schedule and know what to teach. and i did it!!! my sister leader is also the best; we went to the center [downtown] and bought gourmet ice cream!! i got chocolate and mint, and it felt like the celestial kingdom. a work visit in my area also meant there were FOUR gringas in our apartment that night!!! WOOT. we partied as hard as missionaries can!!!!

my gringas :)

this is carmen - she ALWAYS comes with us to teach investigators!
her husband is the ward mission leader.
and she has the most amazing laugh i've ever heard.

i had a cool experience with someone we met named javier. he seemed really interested in the gospel, but we had been beating around the bush with him when it came to church attendance. (btw, this is somewhat of an issue with my companion - hence we haven't had investigators attend church IN FIVE WEEKS.) so, i just straight up asked: "javier, do you want to know if this church is true?" (yes.) "then you HAVE TO go to church!" i testified that he would be able to receive an answer to his prayer, but only if he went to church with us. turns out he wasn't interested in that or baptism. but it felt good to be bold, and i felt power in my words.

our ward went to the temple this last week! they called it the "caravana." :) three families got sealed!! and one of our recent converts did baptisms for the first time! they take a big, two-story bus (20 hours to lima) and stay about four days. they have so much faith!!! i've never been in a car (let alone a hot bus) for 20 hours! so impressive! everyone came back literally glowing. not a joke - they all looked amazing!

HALLOWEEN WAS LAST WEEK. last monday i bought a bag of "caramelos," which are fruity, hard candies and a tiny jack-o-lantern. and for halloween, i went reverse trick-or-treating!!!! i gave out candy to all of our contacts (and their kids) and to all of the people we taught. :) everyone knew what halloween was, but sometimes when i asked "do you know what day it is?" they told me it was saturday. come on people, it's only the best day of the year!!!

went trick or treating!!!

welp, that's all for this week, i love all of you!! look for miracles in your daily lives and keep a journal of them! i was looking back on my journal, and i was so amazed at how blessed i've been and how many recompensatory (is that i word? i don't speak english - not even unilingual) blessings we receive! keep the faith! :)

hermana wood

got basura?

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