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Monday, January 18, 2016

Baptism This Week!!!

fam, friends, how are ya? so, we finally got our fans this week, which means i got a good night's sleep, and it was so beautiful!!! i had to put my fan on top of the fridge so it'd reach my bunk bed, but it was still beautiful. last night, at the end of a long day, my head hit the pillow and i thought, "at least i have my fan!" right at that moment, there was a mini explosion in our room! the cord to my fan basically sort of caught fire and collapsed. (sigh.)

BUT, we had a baptism this week!!! milka!! she was really nervous beforehand, and the guy who was supposed to baptize her didn't show up until 8pm (the service started at 7pm). eventually though, it was a cool experience! :) and, our mission leader made flan for everyone, which is always the greatest.

milka on her baptism day - 17 years old

we also visited a member named leny, who is basically our mom here, and she gave me a mini apple pie and a pair of earrings!!!! i was so happy!! it's the little things that make the difference. :)

reflecting on this transfer, i realized the incredible tender mercies i've received. for example: walking to dinner and praying to be able to eat yuca, then getting two yuca empenadas from our pensionista. or receiving a package of reese's pieces. or like 1,309 letters in two weeks. or having the best companion ever. but the thing is, i had to stop and focus on these tender mercies. if i hadn't taken time to reflect on the goodness of god in my life, would i have seen the need for gratitude? it's so important that we pause and reflect on what's good in life!!

grecia - daugher of our pensionista
and rebecca - a recent convert (from a tribe) who lives with this family 

having fun after dinner :)

the focus of my studies this week has been consecration as a missionary; specifically, cultivating a deep personal desire for strict obedience. it's slowly coming! in the BOM, a group of people are described as "waxing strong in the land," and the last sentence of the verse says "and the laws of the land were very strict" (Jarom 1:5). they prospered, it says, because "they didn't blaspheme or profane." in other words, they didn't "quejar" - no complaining! embracing god's commandments (and the mission rules) is so essential if we want to sanctify our lives and our missions.

also this week, i had a work visit and got to spend some time a different area (AND SLEEP WITH A FAN), which was fun!! and, i got to eat a panini. :) we also got our polos for this zone; we get them every transfer, and they're pretty cool!!!

anyway, so much love is being sent to all of you! in the states, england, the philippines, tahiti, ecuador, colombia, and wherever else you all are. :) love you!

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's brother:
i love hearing about all the things you guys do as a family, it makes me SO happy to hear about everything you do together! lots of families here don't spend time together like that, and you make me so grateful to have something so wonderful back home. keep saying family prayers and reading scriptures together!! i miss you and love you so much!!!

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