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Monday, January 4, 2016

Hear No Evil

helloooooo, USA!!!! another week down, here in the amazon, and life is good. :)

i can't believe we're done with 2015! SO WEIRD. of course, on new year's eve, we were good missionaries and went to bed at like 9:45pm. the fireworks did wake us later; but literally, i looked at my watch at 11:52pm, rolled over, and went back to sleep! the next time i checked my watch, the date was january 1st, and i thought to myself "happy new year, hermana wood!" that was about the extent of my new year celebrations.

this may or may not be cappuccino ice cream

speaking of weird, there's a new year's tradition here where apparently you rub white powder all over your face and head. (i have no idea why.) we passed a group of drunk guys covered in powder who said hi to us. and that was festive. also, everything's decorated yellow, green, and red, because it means you'll have prosperity in the coming year.

also noteworthy, while we were teaching a lesson, i overheard a meghan trainor song. sadly, it contained some bad language, but the funny (and fortunate) thing was: all the swear words were bleeped out perfectly by random noises! one was a motokar horn and the other was some guy yelling "HEY!" i was laughing so hard. apparently, heavenly father protects missionaries from profanity. we hear no evil!

my clif bar (in my package from home) told me to "get my feet wet."
conveniently, it happened to be raining in the amazon. :)

my companion is still the greatest ever, and we have so much fun! i swear i laugh until my stomach hurts every single day - she's so funny! the other day we were leaving the apartment [missionary companions must stay together at all times], and hermana arteaga started walking away from me, down the stairs. she glanced over her shoulder casually and said "cuidate, ya?" ("take care, bye"). as if that could ever happen (one of us leaving without the other), HA! so now, we always say "cuidate," and literally it's so funny to me. maybe you had to be there the first time, but i die laughing whenever she says it.

 this is our pensionista's house!

(she cooks for us)

in other news, it's been a challenge being in a new area. i feel like i've just recently figured out what's going on with these streets. but, starting over in these unfamiliar neighborhoods has taught me humility. then, there's the challenge of getting investigators to progress. we're finding people to teach, but either they don't really want to continue, or they don't keep their commitments (which is kind of important). sometimes i want to yell, "if you don't read the scriptures and pray and come to church, we can´t help you!!!" but, i don't. i just smile and kindly tell them "cuidate."

this is our other pensionista's house :)

being a missionary is hard work, but it's becoming a part of who i am, and i absolutely love it! we are also very well cared for by the members in this area. i wouldn't trade what i'm going through for the world, even though it's really stretching me. it's incredible what God has in store for us!

remember to pray and read your scriptures and go to church, so that God can help you. :) love you all so much!!!!

hermana wood

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