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Monday, April 11, 2016

Small Things

hey, fam and friends!! i miss you dearly! what a week this has been!

we had hamburgers at the mission home!
and this is hermana vasquez, the light of my life :)

first off, the lord is blessing us SO much!! we've been able to find TONS of new investigators with awesome potential!! it finally feels like we're starting to reap "the fruits of our labors," after much hard work, fasting, and prayer. :)

diomedes, for example, has a baptism date set for the 14th of may!! we taught him the word of wisdom and the law of chastity this week, and he accepted the invitation to live both. he's so willing to make positive changes in his life!! his only problem is church attendance. we've been teaching him for about three months, but he hasn't been able to come to any meetings, yet. we'll keep praying for him and having faith that he'll progress!



i've also been seeing "wonders" in my new companionship - my comp and i are becoming really good friends!! what's made the difference this week are the "small things," like little phrases inserted in our conversations. steven e. snow gave a talk this past general conference about small things we can SAY, and i've been implementing a few of them. things like, "what do YOU want to do?" or "i'm sorry," or "i love you." and these phrases have been changing everything!! especially the "i love you." my comp melts and hugs me and replies "aaawww, hermana wood. i love you so mush" (she can't pronounce muCH, yet).

yesterday, everyone in perú voted for a new president!! we didn't even go to church, because it's not allowed; everyone must go and vote, or pay 100 soles. :) so, we did missionary work for 8 hours; it was a good sabbath!!

I LOVE YOU ALL. but, i can't write "an hundredth part of the proceedings of this people." just remember: more faith, less fear!

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's grandma:
hey, mimi!! i actually just got the easter package last tuesday, and yes, i've made the little eggs with chicks for the children!! i'm going to hand them out this sunday in the primary. :) thank you so much for that awesome idea!!

i haven't made the nutella brownies, yet!! but, they sounded sooo good and so simple. thanks for the recipe!! love you so much, mimi!!!!

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's dad:
yes, i got the extra thumb drive and the card reader, thank you so much!! really, everything in that package was like an answer to prayers, haha. thank you (and mom!) so much for putting in all the time and energy and MONEY to send me that!! goooshhh, i have the best fam ever. :) tell ryan thanks for the glow stick, haha. i loved it the most!

Questions: Do your Latina comps speak much English? Do you speak much English to your comps? In my mission, the North Americans were encouraged to try to teach the Portuguese speakers English when we could. Do they tell you to do that, too?

Answer: this comp speaks absolutely no english!! and yes, i speak english to her (because it's a requirement)!! they have an exam at the end of their missions, and if they pass, it gets them into byu. or helps them get in. or something. so, in district meetings every time they say a word or phrase correctly in english, they chant "BYU!!!" haha, i taught hermana arteaga to say "go cougars!!" :)

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