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Monday, April 4, 2016


i wonder if people at home realize that GENERAL CONFERENCE is the missionary equivalent of going to DISNEYLAND for two days. it was so beautiful!! i loved every single message so much!

the announcement of another TEMPLE IN LIMA!!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!!! my hand went straight to my heart and my jaw dropped!! there was quite a bit of excitement in the chapel, haha - lots of gasps, and then more talking after the meeting. the peruvian saints are ecstatic!

my zone, after conference

on tuesday, i gave my first training in a district meeting ever (well, in eight months). i somehow avoided it up until now, but i couldn't forever! i trained on how to begin teaching investigators and used the talk "knowing the godhead"¨by elder holland. every missionary needs to read this talk!! it emphasizes how the first thing we need to testify of is god the father, his son jesus christ, and the holy ghost, or nothing else in the teaching process will go well. i have such a strong testimony of that!!

my comp and i saved a puppy and gave it to our pensionista

speaking of bearing strong testimony, we had an interesting visit with darsiño and asusena this week. they've been reading and praying, but in this one lesson, darsiño said he'd been searching online to find out about joseph smith - and he found some ugly stuff. NEVER SEARCH ON THE INTERNET TO FIND SPIRITUAL TRUTH!!!! i testified to him within minutes after the opening prayer that this is god's true church, and because of that, there will be strong opposition, such as those internet pages. the only way we can come to truth is through personal revelation! the next time we visited, he and his wife told us they've started reading the book of mormon from the start (as in, from the introduction page, the three and eight witness testimonies, etc.). i was like, "atta boy, darsiño!" :)

this is a soup we helped our less-active members make;
it's made by blending peanuts, cilantro, and other veggies!!
(see recipe for inchicapi)

confession: during general conference, i ate a whole bag of cereal, a bag of ritz crackers, two bags of chips ahoy, two bags of fruit snacks, a chocolate bar, chocolate covered crackers, and a can of pringles (a mini, don't worry). and my skirts still fit! #goingstrong

we got to watch all sessions of general conference in english, except for one - it happened to be the one where president monson spoke, so #tears. but, A NEW TEMPLE IN PERU. GO CHURCH! love you all!

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's mom:
one more story: we were walking on the streets one day, and this motokar rolled up next to us and this lady was like "is this your zone?" we were like "yes," and she said "get in, i have someone you need to visit!!" WHAT, OKAY. on the way, she explained that this person's mom died about 10 years ago, and about 2 weeks ago, his dad had passed away. so, we got there and visited him (his name is adriel), and it was amazing!! hopefully, he'll be able to progress! love you, mommy!!!

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