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Monday, May 9, 2016

10 Inches!

this wednesday, we went to a member's house to offer service. maria hasn't been able to come to church for over a month now, because she's a full-time caregiver for her mom, who's 86 and needs constant watching. so, we went to try to help, but she wouldn't let us do anything! we just ended up keeping them company, because the two women live there alone. i sat with the elderly mother, lucila, and fanned her and chatted with her. she wanted to sing me a song, so afterward, i felt obligated to sing her one. but, the only thing that came to mind was "thinking out loud" by ed sheeran, haha - which she thought was beautiful. :)

we found a parrot in the street!

and, did you notice i'm missing something?
10 inches!

our investigator, rocio, is still a super star! she's come to church three times now [which fulfills a requirement in our mission, prior to baptism], and she asked us the other day if she can accompany us when we visit people!!! i was like, "well, i don't know if that's technically allowed, but WE'LL MAKE IT WORK." :) also, when we arrived at rocio's house for an appointment one day this week, we noticed that she had set her husband in front of the TV, and they were watching the BOM videos (the ones with the paintings and the narrations)! go, rocio!! way to be a missionary before you're even baptized!!! :)

speaking of baptisms, bruce was baptized this past saturday! all was going smoothly until i realized that i'd forgotten an important paper back at the house. so, before my district leader arrived, i literally ran back home to grab it and returned just in time to poke my head into the room and hear that i was supposed to direct the opening hymn! not only was i dripping with sweat, but as i was following along on the spanish hymn app (on a smart phone someone had handed me), the phone died! so, there i was, a sweaty mess, trying to conduct while humming a hymn to which i only knew the english lyrics, until someone realized what had happened and passed me a spanish hymn book! eventually, bruce WAS baptized - so, all's well that ends well!

bruce's baptism!

bruce, ingrid (8-years-old), and bruce's mom (merly)


happy mother's day to all mothers everywhere, but especially mine!! mom, i love you so much! thank you for everything you've done for me and all the support you give me out here. i loved talking to you yesterday! and, i'm so excited to see you when i get back. :) you're super woman! LOVE YOU!

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's youngest brother:
this week, before leaving the house one day, my comp and i prayed to find at least ONE person to serve. we didn't find anyone all morning...until we were walking to lunch. we were almost to andra's house when we passed a man wheeling himself in a wheelchair (in the full heat of the sun), so i offered to push him. we went a couple blocks out of our way, but he was so grateful! the lord hears our prayers!! we just need to watch for the ways he answers them. :)

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's sister:
we taught elia and carlos (who are members) this week. we just stopped by their house (when we didn't have any appointments), and it turns out they really needed us that day. elia was crying, and we just read the BOM with them and helped them feel better. the BOM has so much power! preach my gospel says "it's the most powerful tool we have" for teaching and sharing the joy of the gospel with others. so true! LOVE YOU!

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