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Monday, May 30, 2016


good news! we met with our investigator, diomedes, this week. and mostly, the lessons went well!! i'm so happy that he still wants to receive missionary discussions! we were worried that he was losing interest (he has had some word of wisdom issues recently), and he also refuses to kneel down when we pray (which breaks my heart, because i think it shows a lot of pride on his part). but, at the end of a super awesome lesson we had where we watched elder bednar's videos on receiving light and revelation, diomedes asked US if we could kneel down and pray together. he offered the prayer himself, and it was really beautiful (it left me in tears to see him do that)!! he also came to church! so hey, progress is progress.

pigtails happened this week

another investigator to pray for is rocio. she came to family history class this week and is just so excited about everything! i'm so excited for her!!! i doubt i'll be staying in this area for what would be a 5th transfer, so i probably won't get to see rocio (or diomedes) baptized. (such a bummer!)

the last district meeting!!

...of the best district :)

bye, zone!

in other news, we were talking with a 76-year-old man (manuel), the one who walked 5 blocks to church in the rain, and we mentioned that he should try to arrive at the chapel before meetings start at 9am. he replied "oh, i don't know the time." and, we were like what? he then explained "i don't have a watch." so, this man never knows what time it is!!! no clock, no phone, nothing!!! what a life. must be stress free. :) #lifehack

lastly this week, i learned an important lesson about the power of prayer. as we were walking under the hot sun (as we do most mornings), i prayed for two straight hours asking for strength to overcome sheer exhaustion. and it worked!! so well!! i made it through, just like always, but that day i recognized the hand of the Lord in getting me there.

last coordination meeting

transfer calls tonight! i'll keep you posted! LOVE YOU. BE STRONG.

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's mom:
the mission is implementing the pants thing!!! and no, i can't buy dress pants here, haha!! so, i would love some. :) maybe like three, four pairs max. idk how often i'll use them, but that should be good!

also, i bore my testimony in sacrament meeting, possibly for the last time [in this area]; it was super sad, and i almost cried. all four of us missionaries in the ward (haymond, moreno, osorio, and i) bore our testimonies. i KNOW i'm leaving, i feel it. (in fact, i already packed one of my suitcases.) and, elder moreno, who is my best friend, has left. literally, i just shook his hand and said "goodbye." OH MY GOSH, WHAT IS LIFE. idk what i'm going to do without him. till we meeeeet, till we meeet...ugh, so sad. LOVE YOU, mom!

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