Hermana Wood's Missionary Adventures in the "Capital of the Peruvian Amazon"


Monday, August 22, 2016

Significant Moments

when we're helping, we're happy :)

another great week of missionary work down! and, another transfer period in the field!! transfers are tonight, but we're not expecting any changes for our companionship, yet.

service swag

this week, we taught a man named rolando. as we were teaching lesson one, after talking about christ's atonement, i asked "how does it make you feel to know that christ died for your sins?" rolando seemed puzzled. "christ didn't die for ME, just for all of humanity in general," he replied. so, i had the privilege and honor of testifying to rolando that "christ thought of YOU, hermano, when he was on the cross. he knows you, and he loves you perfectly!" i love moments like that when i can testify of the love of christ - it's one of the best parts of being a missionary!

little blue house in the jungle

interesting story: my comp, hermana garcia, and i always buy ice cream at a little internet shop, and one day we accidentally left a BOM [book of mormon] behind - no, really, it was totally an accident. about a week later, the guy who always gives us the ice cream said "you left a bible here!!" he brought it out, and we explained what it was. he gave it back to us, was quiet for a second, and then asked "how much does it cost?" he'd been reading it a little bit. "do you want it?" i offered. "it's free! well, sort of. the cost is that you have to read it!" another small, but possibly significant moment. :) we haven't seen him since, because we haven't gotten ice cream (we are strong), but we'll be going back!!

more service in the jungle

LOVE YOU ALL! have a great week, and make tomorrow magnificent!!

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's dad:
we contacted FIVE referrals this week!! whereas we usually struggle to get to three, we've been working with the members and getting more. my friend, allison, said in her group e-mail the other week that if we're being obedient as missionaries and doing all the things we should be, investigators will just "fall into our laps." and, that seems to be happening! yesterday, a member just brought her friend to church, and that afternoon we taught her lesson one - and she's interested! woot!

in other news, we were almost attacked by dogs on various occasions this week. and once, a BAT almost attacked us (there are TONS of them flying around at night) - like, it flew right at us! garcia and i didn't even hesitate, we both just turned and ran! haha, the animals here kill me. LOVE YOU!

my mission is beautiful

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's mom:
so, dress slacks will be allowed in our mission, but the specific guidelines for "sister missionary dress code in iquitos" hasn't come out, yet. everyone's heard that we'll be able to wear pants during certain parts of the year in certain parts of the mission, but we're still waiting on the details.

also, this week for service, we went to the jungle!! it was so cool! we literally left civilization - no roads - and went waaay far out to help a newly baptized and married couple build their house. apparently the properties out there are really cheap, so they bought one. tons of members came to help, too. and, i got to "cultivate" for the first time!! it's like mowing the lawn, but you do it by hand with a machete. that was on saturday, and i'm still sore. :) LOVE YOU!

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