Hermana Wood's Missionary Adventures in the "Capital of the Peruvian Amazon"


Monday, August 1, 2016


hey, everyone! cheers to another week, and cheers to ONE YEAR IN THE MISSION!!! i completed 365 days on july 28, which happens to be peru's independence day. woot!! there were aerial fireworks right outside our house at 10:30pm to celebrate. thank you, perú.

one year in the mission!!! 

spent the day tracking to the end of civilization...

...and also, ponderizing! :)

in other news, i "attempted" to teach english at district meeting this past tuesday. i say attempted because i really struggled! the latinos had tons of questions, and (to be honest) i'm not sure if i taught true doctrine. it's crazy that my native tongue has become somewhat foreign to me - english feels funny coming out of my mouth! another insane moment this week was when i said to hermana garcia, "your bug spray smells SOOO good" - and i actually meant it! #lifeintheamazon

pizza with my district on p-day!!

life is so good with hermana garcia [my new companion]. we laugh, sometimes until we cry, about the silliest things! and yet, she is so dedicated and willing to work. she's also very thoughtful; she wrote me notes on my birthday and for my one-year mark, which made me feel special. and, we've been working hard to network with tons of members! on sunday, i introduced myself to like 20 people!! but, with 220 attending each week (this ward is HUGE), we need to keep reaching out until we meet everyone!!!

love being a missionary!!!

last but not least, we have an "eternal investigator" named idaluz, and this week we started teaching her husband, miguel. i loved sharing the message of the restoration with him! it's always a great message to share, but i knew his story and how much knowledge of the restored gospel would bless him, specifically, so it was extra special to teach. i love being a missionary!!! it's the #greatest. and, i love you all!!!!!

hermana wow

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's mom:
hey, mom! i'm totally better and have been feeling fine for a week now. please don't worry! in related news (haha), we were sitting in a lesson and a poisonous spider was sitting next to us (on the wall). so, that was exciting. :) it was the size of my palm! we were with a member, and she was like "if that bites you, you go to the hospital." apparently, if you get bit by a spider here, you have to kill the spider and bring it with you to the hospital! lol. but, those ones don't come into our house!! also, apparently the tarantulas are not poisonous, just those gross brown ones. idk what they're called.

this week, we've seen wild ducks, chickens, dogs (obviously), parrots, and monkeys. animals just wander here! LOVE YOU!!

fun fact: when the dogs here are sick, their owners tie lemons
onto their collars to make them feel better :)

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