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Monday, October 31, 2016

Dream Come True

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! IT'S HALLOWEEN, AND IT'S P-DAY, which is a sister missionary's dream come true!!!!!! we are going to do SO much festive stuff today (as much as we can in the amazon). my comp and i are dressed as missionaries serving in a USA mission - i'm even wearing my english name tag. :)

in other news, this has been another great week of service! from finger-painting styrofoam cups to being temporary family history center sisters for the caravan to the temple this last week, we have been all over the place! but, our extra effort is being compensated, because we found FOUR new investigators this week; a former investigator decided to come to church on sunday, we have like three families we're teaching (which is big for this area), and random good things just keep happening to us! the lord sees even small efforts and rewards them!

also, i'm coming to the close of my purificandonos (40-day fast), and it has been incredible! the most challenging thing for me to "give up" was singing worldly songs out loud or in my head. by worldly, i mean it's just become a habit to always sing EFY songs or some type of christian rock, haha. and while those aren't necessarily bad, i've found that focusing on the hymns (only) has given me more chances to feel the spirit! there have been lots of little changes in my "day-to-day" that are making all the difference in my "week-to-week." i've been able to feel the spirit a lot more in the lessons, too!

my favorite lesson this week was with kevin: we taught the importance of repenting NOW, because the savior is coming again soon! hermana pac and i made a detailed lesson plan and prayed so hard for the lesson to go well beforehand. then, with kevin, we read in alma about how the day of this life is the time to prepare to meet god. my companion and i both testified about repentance. then i found myself saying, "kevin, you are not alone in this process. you've had help, and right now in this room there are angels with us. they are the same angels who have been with you before." i felt so strongly that what i said was true!! i had no idea what i was saying, but it just came out like that. i doubt i could've had that revelation without the 40-day fast i'm doing, so i'm grateful for the added direction from the spirit!!

last but not least, be careful eating dragon fruit! here it's called "tuna" (in fact, i was really hoping to see a dolphin-safe can of albacore tuna when our pensionista offered it to us). unfortunately, i found out that the skin of dragon fruit is full of little thorns, which are VERY hard to remove, haha. so, beware! LOVE YOU ALL!

another bit of news i forgot to mention! this last week, elder godoy, the area president for perú, colombia, bolivia, and ecuador, came and visited. he gave a great training on the plan of salvation! it was super cool - he is so awesome! through a series of events, i ended up playing the closing song and was up on the stand next to him when the meeting ended. i had previously considered talking to him about my extension date, and on a whim i decided to do it right then! he gave me a lot of comfort and said my extension got rejected because "life is like a video game. once you pass phase 1, you have to move on! why stay on level 1 when the lord has so much more prearped for you?" he then said, "you've worked hard on your mission, i can feel that. now it's time to start the next phase!" that was SUCH a comfort! i dont doubt that he is called of god! so, i felt a lot better after talking to him - also, a little trunky. :) LOVE YOU! i'll tell this story in more detail when we skype at christmas!

hermana wood

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