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Monday, October 10, 2016

Ready to Work!

where do i begin with this week? it has been a roller-coaster ride from start to finish!

meet my "greenie" from guatemala!
(don't mind the garbage behind us.)

at the beginning of the week, hermana garcia left me (aka was transferred to serve in another area of the mission). she went to a land far away called tarapoto, and i was really sad.

last ice cream run

fun on our last p-day

bye, garcia! off to tarapoto!

that same night (monday), just after hearing my beloved comp was being transferred, i learned that i would be training a new missionary. so, i have a "brand new baby daughter" now!!! her name is hermana pac, she is from guatemala, and her mom lives in provo. she is the sweetest missionary ever, and i love her so much!

i found out real quick that pac came ready to work, because in our first lesson (with a couple we had just barely met and shared a simple scripture with) she extended the invitation to be baptized. :) we were talking about a basic belief in god, when i looked at her (to indicate it was her turn to speak), and she asked "will you accept our invitation to be baptized by someone who has the priesthood authority of god?" i bit back a smile - very proud of my little greenie!

joustin got baptized! :)

aaaand the selfie

hermana pac also speaks english, which is great - or, well, "mostly" speaks english. this week the lord has shown me a capacity for patience i didn't think i had. there's so much more responsibility now, and i feel like i'm talking non-stop. my throat is dry from explaining everything to hermana pac for the last five days, but i'm really just so excited to work with this new sister! i love her so much! and, i love you all. more faith, less fear!!!

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's dad:
everything you told me about missionary work is accurate; the heat and the aching and the heart-aching. i cried like a baby just this morning with my pensionista, as she cried and told us how she's thinking about asking her two adult sons to move out of her house, because they're rejecting the gospel they once knew was true and making a series of other bad decisions. my heart aches for these people! there's a quote on my desk by elder holland that says we need to RUN until we have nothing left to give, then keep going anyway. very true. i love missionary work, i love being here, training, and learning every day. and, I LOVE YOU!!

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's mom:
thanks for starting to think about sending a christmas package! you can probs send it before halloween again, because my last package took like two months to get here. the mail is really slow right now. i think i got lucky last year when it arrived so early. the mission is so expensive and packages are so expensive that really anything you want to send is fine. :) i don't need anything "en especifico." the christmas package will probably be the last one, though, because i'll be coming home february 6th! my extension date got rejected; the new area presidency says no one in our area - ecuador, perú, colombia, and bolivia - will be able to extend anymore! :(

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