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Monday, December 5, 2016

Bread of Life

ice cream with my companion

i went to my first leadership council this week - we flew in to iquitos. it was interesting! and, it was so good seeing everyone again! i got to stay with the best hermana (vazquez) and also sleep on a floor (which i haven't done for a while). :) i woke up to kill a bug crawling across my face and, in the morning, to a huge cockroach next to my mattress!! i've missed iquitos, haha!!

hermana vasquez! and my old zone reunited!

the sister leaders of the mission

so, this saturday, we had a long day. honest to goodness, it was HARD! at one point, my companion (hermana briggs) just looked up at the sky and said in exasperation: "i feel like i've given EVERYTHING today." we had two members to accompany us, but every appointment fell through. all FIVE of them. we were so tired (it was like 8:40pm), but we decided to contact one more house.

a super nice guy who lived at the last house seemed willing to talk to us and (even better) had a knowledge of the bible. i was so excited when he said "i know the bible talks about 'other sheep' that jesus had" - PERFECT, i thought. :) i told him about the BOM and that the "other sheep" were the nephites on the american continent. i poured my heart into that contact, and he replied (in short) "thanks, but i'm 7th day adventist." (he didn't want to hear more.) my heart broke. but, then he said "wait one minute!" and went back into his house. i put my head in my hands and with tears in my eyes (after a long and discouraging day) wondered" "why? why don't people listen?"

when the man returned, he gave us two homemade slices of whole wheat bread - which may seem like a small gesture to you at home, but for two missionaries in the amazon jungle, it was the most amazing, most appreciated gift EVER!!! i was so touched.

anyway, even if people aren't ready for the gospel, god watches out for us. although that man didn't accept our message, father in heaven wanted to see if we had enough faith to try knocking on one more door before going home. we did, and he rewarded us - not in the way i thought he would, but he did. and, i was so grateful.

p-day journey in the "cloud forest"

next best thing to monterey's lone cypress!

beautiful tarapoto!!

merry christmas, everyone!! light the world, do something kind for someone, and CELEBRATE THE SEASON!!!

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's mom:
hey, mom!! i'm so good!! we didn't get to go to lima on the way to iquitos - maybe in january! it was still so fun, though - a really good refresher! today we are going to practice the song we'll be singing for the christmas zone conference. i'm going to accompany on the piano - its like a medley of a bunch of christmas songs. it's going to be cool! hopefully we can film it!! the only problem is there's NO time for me to practice (except on p-days), haha. too much proselyting (just kidding)! ;)

my district loved the trees!!! :)

also, when i flew to iquitos for leadership council, i picked up my christmas package - and loved it!! thank you so much for everything you sent! and, for putting in the time to put everything together!! so excited to give the HLJ rings out (thanks, mimi)!! i am so grateful!!! i put all the wrapped stuff under my little tree from last year. :) also, HOW DID YOU KNOW I WANTED MUDDY BUDDIES???? seriously you receive revelation for these packages. LOVE YOU.

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