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Monday, December 12, 2016

Under the Mistletoe

under the mistletoe

the christmas package i received from home is definitely going straight to my waistline. but, i am so grateful to have all of that chocolate! :) briggs and i have stayed up late a few nights, just sitting on the floor and partaking. i feel fine, haha. but, january is definitely going to be fitness crunch time!

weekly planning requires guanabana

we had a wonderful week as far as the work goes! we hit basically all of our key indicator goals, which is always exciting. we've been praying to find families, and god is hearing our prayers! we contacted a woman last night, named noemi, who is so ready for the gospel. she's never been baptized and wants to belong to "a church," so we're teaching her about priesthood authority and what makes the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints different from other churches. she's awesome!

the leaves used to make juanes

indira is one of our latest and greatest contacts. she has a disease that prevents her from walking very well, and she has limited use of her hands. it's really sad, because she lives alone with her dog, and every time we come over, she asks us to walk her dog or put her hair up in a bun (since she can't lift her arms). but, it's been such a privilege to serve her! she always reads the BOM and has accepted the invitation to be baptized on january 28th. :) we are so excited!

we taught a cute family...
and the kids wanted pictures with the gringas!

this sunday i was shocked to realize how few sundays i have left in this branch! throughout my mission, i've gradually gotten to the point where i feel comfortable in different wards, but in this branch, i've felt at home since day one. the area is great, my comp is great, our investigators are great, and the members are my family! i can't believe how soon this will all be ending! i'm going to miss everyone so much!

invited to lunch by the greatest members! :)

p.s. love you, fam! see you in two weeks on skyyyyyype!

hermana wood

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