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Monday, January 9, 2017

A New Family and the Wrong Juan

he didn't want to come down :)

this was a good week! i'm just enjoying every last moment i have here! time is flying by so quickly, it's scaring me! i'm excited to see everyone, but i'm also so nervous to come home. trying not to think about it! :)

my companion got dirt on her leg,
then cleaned it off with a leaf (peruvian-style)!

we were walking in the street one rainy night this week, and my comp said "did you see that?" she had spotted "the family: a proclamation to the world" taped to an open door we passed. we immediately turned around, and as soon as we were at the door, a man came out to meet us. a second later, his wife pulled up and got out of a motokar. i asked "are you members, by chance?" turns out the woman's sister (who lives in lima) is a member, and they love the church! their daughter was in the beehives' (young women's) class in lima! we talked to them for a bit and set up a return appointment - this family just fell into our laps!!!! we are so excited!!! we already love omar, rosmeria, and their daughter, "luz de jesus" ("light of jesus")!!

we went back to the belen markets!

speaking of names, we went down our list of investigators and less-active members and called everyone we know last sunday morning to invite/remind them to come to church. we have an investigator named juan who we wanted to call, but we were unsure if the number in our phone was his or someone else's (also named juan). we called the number, and he didn't answer. but today (monday), he called back. my comp, thinking he was our investigator, said "we missed you at church!" and an entire conversation ensued. then, at the end, he said, "well, sisters, happy p-day! chau!" huh? investigators don't know about p-day, only members. so, that wasn't our juan! whoever he was, he now knows he needs to come to church next sunday, or he will be missed by the missionaries!

this is a fish skin!!! like the stuff they catch on river monsters!!
it's called "paiche." i've eaten it before. :)

breakfast! this is a "humita" - ground corn wrapped in a corn husk.
SO GOOD. like corn bread?

love you all, see you so soon! hugs and kisses!

hermana wood

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