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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Greatest Miracle: My Own Conversion

amazing moments on the amazon river

i completed 18 months in the mission last week! things are wrapping up for me here in iquitos. they always say SOMETHING has to happen to you in your last weeks in the mission, and we have seen just how true that is. i have a crazy story (that's still unfolding) to tell you all next week, but you'll have to wait to hear it in person. ;)

this view!

this is the boarding dock on the river

we had the craziest week ever (also) because of the world training for missionaries! there are going to be some big changes in the daily schedule and also in the key indicators (they went down from like 10 to only 4). every missionary from here on out is going to have a very different experience than what we've had, and i'm so excited for them! i wish i could stay longer to see all the changes take place! it's just a testimony to me that the work is moving forward!

zone conference this week - the last one

my daughter is in iquitos!
it's been a blessing to see her one more time before i peace out

all the sisters in the mission who will be going home next week
are in the same city! coincidence? i think not! ;)

i have felt a great peace this week - my mission is coming to an end in 7 days. i've been reviewing mission journals and seeing how far i've come in the last year and a half. there have been lots of changes in me! i think the greatest miracle has been my own conversion. i testify that christ is our savior, that we are in the true church, and that this is the lord's work. despite slow progress in this part of the vineyard, the work is surely moving forward. thank you all for your prayers and your support! i love you! i'll be writing one more time on my last p-day (next monday), then i will see you next tuesday afternoon!

hermana wood

p.s. remember indira?? she GOT BAPTIZED!!!!

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