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Monday, March 7, 2016

Parasites and Pensionistas

so, my companion had a pretty wicked case of parasites this week. we got to spend four hours in the clinica while she was hooked up to an IV to replenish the nutrients she's been losing.

we also spent a few days inside, but i was able to go out to work with a member (while my comp stayed with another sister), which was fun! we're still trying to get hermana arteaga better, because she can't keep anything down. :( i practically had to force her to call our mission president's wife, haha - my comp's a trooper and wanted to keep working!!

it didn't help that andra, our pensionista, had a less-than-compassionate reaction to our unfortunate situation this week. we let andra know what's been happening, so she could prepare food for hermana arteaga that's "suave," and at one point during the week, andra did ask "how's your stomach?" my comp said (more or less), "not so great," and andra literally just turned around and walked away.

but this, friends, is aji de gallina.
basically, god's gift to peruvian missionaries.

also this last week, i was able to eat a hot dog and a chocolate donut, so that was super great!! on my receipt, it showed up as "chocolate donas." sometimes the phonetic spelling of english words here just makes me happy, haha.

and finally, since it was fast sunday yesterday, i had an opportunity to share my testimony both in sacrament meeting and relief society! what i said was probably just a huge jumble of words, but in RS jeni nodded a couple of times, so at least one person understood me. :)

this says "dinero para irnos a la iglesia,"
because our 72-year-old less active always uses the excuse:
"there's no money to get a moto kar" to take her to church.
now she can save up all week. :)
(she bopped me on the head when i gave it to her.)

also, transfers are tonight - pray for me!!! my comp has been serving in this area for 6 months, and i've been here for 3, so anything could happen. love you all!!

hermana wood

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