Hermana Wood's Missionary Adventures in the "Capital of the Peruvian Amazon"


Monday, March 28, 2016

Going with the Flow!!

where do i begin with this week? i have no words. no words!!!

first off, i need to mention that last monday i ate a burger. with a slice of apple pie. and then, i bought an ice cream cone. i regret nothing. #leaveitinthefield


second, i used a real potato peeler this week, instead of just a plain knife (still managed to cut myself and draw blood), and i peeled potatoes until i was sweating!! which is sort of a joke, because i was sweating, anyway. moral of the story is: i felt reeeeally sophisticated. :)

we found a member who has a boat in his front yard

also this week, i've learned the importance of going with the flow!! sometimes things don't go our way; well, most of the time (i'm coming to find) things don't go our way. and, if we're swimming against the current, we're fighting a losing battle!! especially in the mission field. appointments fall through, but then you end up teaching someone the Lord has prepared, or you end up being in the right place at the right time (like in the house of a recent convert at the exact moment his wife loses her job - then being able to be there for that family). going with the flow allows us to have moments like that! we can build so many good memories and help so many people if we just go with the flow in life and follow God's will.

important event of the week: president called last monday night to inform us that my comp, hermana garcia, was being transferred (to alleviate an emergency situation in another companionship). apparently, a sister who had only been in the mission field for TWO WEEKS became ill and was coming back to the mission home in iquitos (from pucallpa) before returning home! :( my comp, garcia, was transferred to pucallpa (my first area) to serve with hermana brotherson (the sick sister's previous companion). so, i'm now with hermana osorio, age 22 (from chiclayo, perú), who just barely finished her training. (going with the flow!!)

new comp

speaking of surprises, easter was practically uncelebrated here; no easter hymns, no happy pascua - nada! but, the missionaries got to share the church's 2016 easter initiative video ("hallelujah"), so we celebrated!! hope it was so great for all of you!!!

my zone

that's all for this week. love you all!!

hermana madera

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's youngest brother:
this last week we had zone conference, and we got to eat pizza!! guess which sister ate FIVE PIECES? :) i felt so good afterwards!! we can't really eat a lot here, because the food our pensionista gives us isn't very good, haha. so, i was very happy!!

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's dad:
hey, daddy!! guess what? today is my cumple mes; i've now been serving for exactly eight months. i'm almost halfway done!! WHAAAT!?! also, we watched the general women's session of conference in ENGLISHHH!!! #woot (it was so good and spiritually uplifting!!)

what happens when you leave your altoids out in the amazon :)

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