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Monday, March 14, 2016

Revelation Is Real

so, transfers were last monday night!! but, i'm still in this beautiful area [iquitos]. sadly, my "other half," hermana arteaga, was sent far, far away. actually, only about 20 minutes away. ;)

on the bright side, i'm now with hermana garcia! she's from lima and has been serving for almost 5 months. how to describe garcia? she has the driest humor ever, and she kills me every day! so funny!! she's a little shy with the investigators, but it already feels like we've been comps forever. :)

we got pedicures!!!
(and, apparently, a face mask was necessary for my filthy feet)

because...st. patrick's day, people :)

hermana arteaga's departure means i'm now directing the area!! it's been pretty easy so far, but there's a lot i have to work on. for example, arteaga knew where all the members live (me, not so much).

rosa with her "money to go to church jar"
...it had some coins!

another "fun fact" about garcia - she loves cats. we were contacting in the street one night and saw the fattest "gato" EVER. hermana garcia goes, "i have to touch that cat," but like, so quietly. then, the next thing i knew, i looked to my right and she was gone! i was like "the flip! where?!" - and she'd gone to touch the cat. we got to contact the fat cat's owner, though, so it worked out!!

the garcia stare

in other, very exciting news: our investigator, DIOMEDES, has set a date for baptism!!! but, the knucklehead didn't make it to church on sunday. ;) he's so ready for the gospel and, after reading 3 nephi 18, literally told us he doesn't want to partake of the sacrament prematurely, because "he hasn't fully repented and he's not yet baptized." he's the best - he understands!!! another "investigator," bruce (an 11-year-old whose family is less active), also has a baptismal date!!! working on getting him to come to church, as well!!!

fan / finger accident

last and very least, our bathroom flooded our room this week. happily, though, it served as hermana garcia and i's first bonding experience. we spent a good hour mopping the floor, which also worked out great, because i needed some arm exercise. :)

love you so much, fam! more faith, less fear. more protein, less carbs.

hermana madera

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's dad:
i had a work visit this week with a new sister leader, hermana inca, who told me she thinks i'm ready to train!! she says i'm a good missionary; i'm diligent, love my area, etc., which was super cool to hear. :) also, we had stake conference this week!! i met president gomez's 2nd counselor and his wife (the nelsons), who are from utah!!


More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's mom:
nope, peruvians do not know what saint patrick's day is. :) i tried explaining it to my comp, but i didn't know how to say "leprechaun" in spanish. also, I GOT THE PACKAGE!!! oh my gosh, mom, dad, fam, you guys are so amazing!!! thank you so much for the CHOCOLATE!! and, how did you know i was craving chocolate chips?? and, the pretzel m&m's?? seriously, you knew exactly what i needed - revelation is real. :) love you, mommy!!!

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