Hermana Wood's Missionary Adventures in the "Capital of the Peruvian Amazon"


Monday, June 6, 2016


hermana vazquez and i (same district)!
she's not my current companion, but we've known each other
since my first area (pucallpa)! :)

hey, all! do you want to know what happened with transfers?! do you really want to know?!? okay, then I'll really tell you: I DIDN'T GET TRANSFERRED. NOT EVEN A LITTLE (well, maybe a little, because we changed apartments). but, we're still here in iquitos!!! my companion, hermana osorio, and i are SO HAPPY!!!!!

JUST THIS MORNING, we moved to a different apartment!!! our new place is sliiiiightly bigger than our old room. not by much, but it's cool. it's actually in the back of this lady's house. hermana and president gómez called us last saturday and were like "we found you a house, come now and see it!" so, we immediately left the lesson we were teaching to see the new house and were informed we'd be moving on MONDAY!! that was a little stressful, but we made the move in four hours (with the elders' help), and we actually really like our new home!

the zone and district leaders arrived this morning to help us move!

it's so weird that i'm never going back to this little room again!!
it was my home for almost seven months!!

this is just outside of our new house!
not sure if you can tell, but we're right next to the chapel

move complete!!!

in other exciting news: our investigator, rocio, has a new date for baptism!! it is set for the 1st of july. please continue praying for her (a lot depends on her husband). also, we started teaching rocio's son, samuel, this week, because i was like "you know what, let's teach your son, too!" he's always in and out of the lessons we have with rocio, but he never sits down. so, we taught him about the restoration, and he said he wants to be like joseph smith; he wants to pray and receive an answer!!

also, we were teaching a lesson on the apostasy when all of perú found out who won the tie-breaking, second presidential election; the street sort of erupted with the news, and the couple we were teaching got a little distracted. the husband looked out at the street, back at his "lesson 1" pamphlet, out at the street, then back at the pamphlet and said "OKAY, so here's what 'apostasy' means," and continued explaining it to his wife. haha, i love these people. :)

one of our favorite ward members made us PIZZA! 

thanks, leny!!! :)

anyway, because of the presidential election on sunday, we weren't allowed to attend church meetings, but we DID have the blessing of proselyting for 8 hours instead. ha! we felt the spirit, though, and overall life is good. i'm so happy to have stayed in this area (going on seven months next week)! wooooot!! love you all so much!!!

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's dad:
there's a young single adult sister in my ward named scarlet who's going to utah at the end of june, and i'm sending a package home with her! it will contain some things i don't need (that are just weighing down my suitcases) and also a few surprises for you guys. :) i'm sending the video logs i made, as well as a USB (backup) with every picture i've taken thus far on my mission. enjoy!!

also, scarlet is going to be touring BYU, so she'll get to meet mom! :) i gave her mom's number, but she doesn't speak hardly any english!!

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