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Monday, June 13, 2016

Living Like a Queen!

here are some photos of our last zone conference with president gómez, who leaves on june 28th!
zona iquitos!

selfie with pres and hermana gómez

some sisters at zone conference

some elders at zone conference

pres took us out to eat (two zones)
after our last zone conference with him

in other news, let me tell you about our new apartment! we moved last monday morning, so it's been a full week!! where we moved from was basically like living on 114th south [in sandy] - so many motokars! we practically had to yell during comp study just to hear each other. but now, we are living in SILENCE!!! is this what life was like before coming here? i don't remember. :)

our new apartment (room) is at the back of this lady's house, and we have a great view of her garden. it's also very bright! i don't need my desk flashlight for personal study now. i'm basically living like a queen here! on the downside, mosquitoes enter constantly, because the screens over the windows are not finely knit; the shower comes out in one freezing trickle, so you have to position yourself just under it; the sink faucet moves when you turn on the water, and it's a wonder it hasn't snapped off like our shower curtain bar did this morning when i was mopping. but, the mirror in the bathroom is tall enough that i can see my head! so grateful!!

investigator update: rocio is a go for getting baptized on july 2nd with her son, samuel!! we're so excited! also, diomedes had his interview with president gómez this week, and pres says in 2-3 weeks diomedes can be ready for baptism. we're praying for him so hard!

goodbye, president gómez!

you reach a point living in south america, when the sink is so small
(and you're so done) that you wash your dishes in the shower :)

what else? i bought a pack of oreos for the equivalent of 23 cents; i ate toast with butter and jam; i broke out the hot chocolate mom sent me for christmas (still good); then, on saturday, we had the best FHE [family home evening] ever in the history of FHE. we watched "meet the mormons!!" i thought i had the DVD - well no, i definitely had the DVD (i bought it in lima), but 5 minutes before leaving the apartment, i realized that it had become lost in the black hole that is perú. so, we had to run to the church to start the 3-hour download (very grateful that was made possible the exact week we needed it). :) hashtag blessings and miracles all week!

the most successful FHE ever!!!

another great family home evening
with some investigators and ward members!!
(the fam on the right is the investigator fam)


hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's youngest brother:
this week, we taught a less-active member named sandra who reminds me of all the wood aunts combined into one person who speaks spanish. she is so cool!! i could sit and talk to her forever! she wants her family to receive the gospel - she's the only member. the other day, she was thinking and said she felt so afraid because her family isn't going to be together forever - they aren't sealed in the temple. her husband is very catholic and only argues with her; but, she loves him, and wants him to be baptized. her husband has visited with 3-4 sets of missionaries and still hasn't accepted the challenge to be baptized. SO excited to teach this family!! LOVE YOU.

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's mom:
the lady whose house we live in isn't a member or our pensionista. our new pensionista (for lunch, breakfast, and laundry) lives a 10-minute walk away, and her name is ermita. she's like a combination of you and mimi - but crazier. :) she's soo funny and reminds me of you guys a lot!! so loving and just the greatest. :) she gives us salad every day!!!

i haven't gotten my package, yet, but i saw an office elder last night, and he told me there is a package for me in the mission offices!! so, i'm going to pick it up today. :) LOVE YOU.

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