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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Power of an Apology

this past wednesday, our service project was cleaning the mission offices - because our new mission president arrives tomorrow!!! i was sent to buy floor cleaner, and while at the supermarket, i found a bag of squeezable fudge (which i definitely bought). then, last night, i definitely sucked that fudge straight out of the pouch. no regrets!

the amazon river

also this week, i learned how to say "candy cane" in spanish. and, i listened to christmas music - because christmas is now less than six months away, people. :)

speaking of holidays, last weekend we celebrated "san juan" (john the baptist) by eating "juanes!!" a "juan" is a large ball of rice (with meat) surrounding a hard-boiled egg; each one is decorated with two kalamata olives and wrapped in an enormous green leaf before being boiled. the resulting dish is meant to symbolize the head of john the baptist (when he was beheaded) – the olives are his eyes. three different people gave us juanes!! mostly, the meat is chicken, but leny (a sister in our ward) gave us one that was made with liver. DELICIOUS.

our pensionista, hermana ermita,
preparing juanes for our lunch!

also this week, i learned the power of an apology. we were having a rough night, and (as the senior companion) i was feeling stressed and frustrated. prior to teaching one of our lessons that evening, both my comp and i could feel that the spirit just wasn't present. but, the lord is merciful and provided a way for us to teach effectively. before we began, our investigators needed to step out of the room for a minute, giving me time to apologize to my companion for being upset and stressed. after that, the spirit literally filled the room, and we had an amazing lesson with karola and edwin. we were going to teach the ten commandments, but the spirit guided us to teach eternal marriage, instead, which turned out to be the perfect message that night.

random: "monster house"

in other news, our investigator, rocio, is doing well! she and her son, samuel, are getting baptized together on july 9th! also, we had another FHE with rocio's family, and her husband, juan, joined us!!! we were so excited, and juan had a ton of fun!!! PROGRESS.

I love you all!!!

hermana wood

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