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Monday, July 25, 2016

Tender Mercies Abound

week two in my new area is going well, so far - better than week one, anyway! i got sick halfway through my first week, so we couldn't leave the apartment for parts of the day. i think i just had a really strong cold/flu? it wasn't dengue [fever], so that's good news. it was mostly just frustrating, because i didn't want to abandon my brand new area a few days after arriving, so i pushed on and kept working through the sick. it made for a really tough week, but (as usual) it taught me the power of prayer in getting us through. heavenly father carried me straight through this week! and now, i'm all better!! tender mercies abound. :)

happy birthday to me!

in less happy news, weeeeee still have no investigators, and everyone in the zone knows it, and it's slightly awkward at district meeting and ward council. we have been knocking on sooo many doors, though, and have met some really great people! also, some really uninterested people. but, the majority of the jungle people are just so sweet that we don't face a TON of super hard rejection. a few doors closed here and there, but seriously everyone is just so nice!! now we just have to find the nice people who also want to hear the gospel. that's a rare combination in this area of the vineyard. i know they exist, though, and i will find them!!! #fivemonthsleft

my district

this week i was attacked by a peruvian pig - twice!! don't worry, he didn't bite me, he just nibbled my skirt and shoe! our less actives have a pig named "charles" who was a little too interested in my clothing, haha. it was actually terrifying, because i know nothing about pigs - do they attack, are you supposed to run, do they have teeth? i found out the answer to the last question, anyway.

LOVE YOU all! please don't get attacked by a chancho, like i did!

piggy, piggy

hermana wood

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's brother:
this week we taught a lesson to a less-active family whose house is smaller than my room was in iquitos. it's a little square and there are five people living there. we always go at night, and they don't have electricity, so we teach the lessons by two tiny candles they put close to us. it is so, so humbling to teach that family. it makes me feel so blessed to live where i do - not only in north america, but here in pucallpa, as well. the comforts we enjoy are insane.

More from this week's message to Hermana Wood's dad:
hey, daddy!! haha, don't worry, i'll be pampered when i get home. no one knew about my birthday in my new area, which is totally fine - i'd rather have it that way. i was thinking about birthdays - they're so weird - it's just a day when we celebrate ourselves. and missions are spent serving other people, so that idea was really foreign to me. i preferred to keep the focus on others!

my area is SUPER jungle!! there are paved roads in some parts, but like, i am deep in the jungle! when i first arrived and was trained in pucallpa, i assumed the whole mission was like this. but iquitos (by comparison) is definitely a city, haha. it's really different to be back in pucallpa, and i'm still adjusting to it. there are parts of our area that are literally the limits of civilization - like the jungle just starts where the houses end. scary!! it's also constantly smelly, because the people burn their garbage here. even though the garbage trucks drive through all the time (they play a song so that people know they're passing by), everyone still burns their garbage all day and all night. no one does that in iquitos, and the smell in pucallpa is so distinct! not terrible, but not something you'd put in a candle, either.

p.s. please don't worry about the IV - i went to the hospital because i felt so tired and sick. the doctor didn't even do an analysis, though - he was like "go be on this IV." so, i got some vitamins pumped into my blood for like three hours, which was super nice. loved it a lot, actually.

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